Monday, November 21, 2011


Bill, Bills, Bills, but I am having someone manage my money for me it should will help quite a bit!  Living pay check to paycheck is too much.

Goals:  Buy my Harley

Be debt free

Go on vacation more often!

Enjoy Life

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Changes

It was around midnight and I was finishing up on my computer about to get up to go to bed. Jen turned around and asked if I heard someone talking outside the glass door. I had my headphones in so I said no. I took them out to realize someone was yelling. I mean yelling. So we are like what the hell its midnight I'm tired and want to go to bed. We look out side and the building close to ours was ingulfed in flames.  Before I could even figure out where my shoes were to get out and check to see if they need help Jen Just bolted down and ran over there like a zombie was after her. I have never seen her run so fast. I am not even sure if she had shoes on to start or somehow she knows the skills of putting them on as you are running like a madman.

When we got down there I think a firetruck was just showing up. Jen Helped a lady out who had singed hair and was dazed out of her mind. Who wouldn't be? She's loosing everything right before her eyes :( She mumbled something about her mother was still in there. As the ambulance came to take her we thought we heard someone say that her mom made it out. Prayers answered for the moment. 

Today we found out that the mother didn't make it. I think she got out but the horrible smoke got her. The lady Jen helped out is in critical care for the smoke is doing a number on her as well.

Makes you think,  Life is short. Very short so enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones. Don't take like seriously and Enjoy your time. If everyday is hell then you better make some changes. I am.

Last Aug I quit smoking pretty much cold turkey. I feel so much better. Last week I did my first 5K run since I was in the military. Though my time was way over doubled before I messed up my back and knees. (Walked 1/2 of it) I'm hiring someone so I don't have to work everyday. Though there will be less money to play with. I'm creating a team to do the toughmudder in Southern California. on my birthday. 11 mile run up a mile high mountain. Yes from the start line theres a 1 mile climb (2300ft) to the top then Back down. Next pay check I told Ray I'm going to buy a bike and we are going to ride from the top of Mt Tampalis home. I'm been doing a little more at a time and I think I can do it. Lets pray my knees and back allows me to.

What changes are you going to make?  More time with family? more vacation?