Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What a day- Went shooting

So I went looking for a place to shoot today, the recent rains had washed away alot of the road I was driving, I was all ready bought into it for I couldn't go back so I was going through very loose sand praying that I can make it accross to where the road picked back up. I think I lost about 5 years of my life in stress going on this road. I was almost certain I would get stuck. My feet sunk do
wn 6 inches every step. So I deflated the tires a little, sent a prayer and just went for it. Some how I made it down the 1 mile part of just loose sand / big rocks/ and washed out areas where I almost hit a couple times.

Needless to say after 3 hours trying to go through 2 miles of a dirt road I found a great shooting spot and blew up a watermelon, yogurt containers, and a cantalope.

Was an experience! oh yeah I stabbed my foot with a tooth pick and it broke off inside. It was a colored pick so now I have some color to my foot. I can't seem to cut it out.

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