Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple living

With Ray and Jen moving back up to Oregon here next month or the month after I'm set with deciding to stay where I live or move into something smaller.

I live in a 3 story, 3 bedroom town house with a garage. I always liked the simple life and it feels like this is over whelming at times for its so big. I enjoyed my 1 bedroom loft I had at the last place I lived which was big enough for me. I think it would be nice going back to just a one bedroom place and having only what I need and not so much extra crap that I never use.

The search has begun but I'm having a hard time trying to find something that I think would work. Rent prices keep going up down here and most of the places I've seen have only been a few hundred less than what I am in now. Then I think, why not just stay where I am. I could make one of the bedrooms my computer room or something.

I guess I have a little over a month to figure this all out before I have to start looking for sure. My lease ends in June 1st So I figured I had untill May before I have to decide fully. 

Decisions decisions..

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