Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 Video Scavenger Hunt List

2012 Video Scavenger Hunt

Please include everyones link to their youtube in the description

Including ( your link will be added once you email me with your list to add)

Be as creative as you can.  This is meant to be fun. You don't have to do everyone.
Submited by Ryan

1. Video of the highest point you can
2. Best view you can find.
3. Video of someone dressed as Alan Garner off of the movie "Hangover" (Zach Galifianakis)
4. Video of you rubbing a bald guys head
5. Doing the Ellen Dance Dare  (dancing behind them without them knowing)
6. Singing  Hanson's Ommm bop song outloud in a crowded place.
7. Asking a stranger to marry you (female)
8. Asking a stranger to marry you (male)
9. someone famous
10. A doorman
11. A race on tricycles or little kid bikes
12. Someone doing the Macarana dance.
13. Someone dressed in Red White and Blue
14. Police sirens
15. Someone snoring
16. Lost tooth, or a loose tooth
17.  Micheal Jackson dance
18.  The weirdest name
19. A Christmas tree
20. A sunset and sunrise
21. dancing under a bridge
22. something creepy
23. A couple with matching clothes
24. Waldo
25. Asking someone at a store if they sell shnurples
26. A pencil or pen on someones ear
27. Video of you saying you love micky mouse in public
28. Someone picking their butt or nose
29. A couple arguing
30. Someone texting while drving
31. A homeless begger
32. Asking a stranger to hold your garbage
33. A crossdresser
34. Asking someone if they want your already chewed gum
35. A guy with a pink shirt
36. Video of you going through a drive thru with a happy meal box on your head

37 Someone doing the Caramelldansen Dance
38 Two guys kissing
39. you motor boating someone
40. someone motor boating you
41. you asking a stranger if you can smell their hair
42. you asking a stranger if you can have their socks
43. A road sign with an animal name in it (like bear Creek next right etc.)
44. A road sign with the president's name on it
45. A man with a skirt on
47. you telling a stranger happy birthday
48. someone wearing a cape in public
49. you going up to a stranger and acting if they are a friend you haven't seen in a long time
50. Ask 5 strangers what their favorite color is.
51. An Animal acting like a person

52. A girl Carrying a guy
53. A cat purring
54. A guy with painted nails and toenails
55. Someone dancing with a dog

56. Drink a full beer in under 5secs
57. Burp For 30secs
58. Stare at the camera without blinking for 30secs, 1 take. If you fail post it
59. Order a cab/taxi for homer simpson at No4 Springfield
60. Say how much you love ShamelessVidz Vlogs and why the whole world should subscribe 
61. Say the alphabet backwards
62. Get 7 kisses off 7 people
63. Count to 10 in Welsh
64. Write your own youtube song and sing it
65. Do an impression of someone famous
66. Crack a joke
67. Do the silent Dance, no music
68. Make a Vlog the second you wake up

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